Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dog Almighty

Dropped off izzi today with her gracious host for the next two weeks or so. It was awfully sad to leave her. She was happy and bouncy when I left, but I know once she realizes she is on her own in a strange (well not so strange, but different) place, she'll get sad and mopey. No turning back now though, the plan is set and must be carried out at any cost. Watches synchronized, itineraries set, all the documents have been prepared.

In the name of bike racing and the holy classics of Belgium I will be spending the next two weeks or so absorbing as much euro bike culture as I possibly can. The plan is simple * very simple. Arrive in Brussels - get bikes - Flanders - Ghent - Roubaix - Paris - Board the plane home (or perhaps not...). Each of the classics promises a chance to ride the course the day before and this is of course also part of the plan. Beyond that, well there will be beer to be imbibed and the frites! I mean thats really the plan. The one true plan. Get on a plane and travel a few thousand miles to eat some Belgian french fries with mayo. I couldn't ask for more.