Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Battenkill UCI Race

I got the opportunity to ride in the Battenkill UCI race this past weekend as a guest rider for Champion Systems. Honored by the chance to race with some of the best riders from around the globe, I vowed to give it my all. Unfortunately a little bad luck in the feed zone ended my (and a few other's) day early. I was lucky enough to catch a ride out to Meeting house for lap two with the Rapha crew, including Jeremy who had just come back from his aerial adventure!
The sky was constantly changing with new systems of storm clouds moving through every few minutes.
Brussels sprout.
An entire field of Brussels sprouts, adding Belgian authenticity to Meeting House Road. At least in name as I really have no idea whether they were originally from Brussels or not. Wikipedia does little to clarify the issue.
Rapha was there, both in and out of the Race.
Cory also rode a guest spot and had a fantastic day, finishing in the second group on the road. Cory also got a little TV time with the local news.