Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My day started like this...

(12:00:26 AM) btmgnto: ok, astro mike?
(12:00:32 AM) *********: yeah
(12:00:37 AM) *********: hes an astronaut
(12:00:42 AM) btmgnto: i gathered
(12:00:43 AM) *********: TWITTERING FROM SPACE

Should be a good day...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello? Continental Calling..

They're at it again. The Rapha Continental is back in full swing since the begining of the month. It seems like they have gone for a slightly different approach with this year's Continental. Rather than an east and west coast team traveling weekends to regional routes, they have combined the coasts to tackle new territory. Riders will rotate through as they play a non-stop game of connect the dots with epic rides through the center of the country. Its the type of summer I think all cyclists dream about, riding unknown roads with a great group of friends, meandering across the country and probably getting in a little trouble here and there.

Captured in Rapha's timeless style we can follow along with the travels through their words, photos and videos. They will lay out the routes for us to see, so while we might not get 2 or 3 months off to go do all the rides there's a chance for a long weekend trip. Might be time to look up Uncle Bob in South Dakota living near the start of a 120 mile epic, of course since he's into tractor pulls and bull riding he'd never clue you in to the ride.

What makes this even more exciting for me is having friends out there in that journey. Take a look at the east coast riders section, there are four Embrocation team mates hiding out in there. The other east coasters, that I don't know as well, I got to meet during the Litchfield, CT ride last year. I drove the support van while Chris Millman worked his magic with the camera. I gained a lot of respect for those guys watching them crush dirt hills in the scorching heat, through thunderstorms and racing out the last miles in an attempt to beat the setting sun. Of course I would have given anything for the chance to swap places with them, but it was not to be... that time. There may be an opportunity in the future to ride with Rapha crew.. or maybe not. Secrets?

An excuse to be second

Its official! Charles Coaching will be sponsoring the NEBC-run Charlie Baker Time Trial this year.

From the NEBC-CBTT google group:
The SECOND fastest man and SECOND fastest woman in the series up to
the conclusion of the June 17th event will receive a wind tunnel
testing in the CCNS Performance Center Wind Tunnel. This date has
been chosen to give the "winners" an edge during Fitchburg's TT and
give them a chance to ride with any new position / equipment before

I worked with Aidan Charles last year, his professionalism and testing center was the best I've seen. I'm sure the new wind tunnel will not disappoint.

I've been doing the CBTT on and off since I moved to Boston. Its a well run event, but please check their site before going out as they have had trouble with the town of Concord in the past. Please follow their guidelines so we don't loose this great event!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

means everyone stayed home to drink margaritas. Work was slow so I did some research on pocket bikes and re-found one of my favorite movie intros ever. Great music, cool shot and great use of a pocket bike.. Mister Lonely.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I can't ride so I might as well celebrate!

Brownie on a stick! Celebrate the rest week!

Getting some rest after Jiminy and Wells

My race report for Jiminy Peak goes like this : missed out on the break.. tried to get away a few times, but just wore myself out.. didn't have much of a kick for the finishing climb and sprint. I think I need some rest.
I knew I was tired after Turtle Pond and Quabbin the week before and had planned to take a rest week interrupted only by a mid-week effort at the Charlie Baker TT. The TT was slightly disappointing, my legs were burning and I knew I didn't have the speed. This was confirmed by my ride home when I could barely turn the pedals as I sauntered down the bike path. Uh oh. Then I really finished myself off with a few days of powerlifting furniture up and down stairs while moving to Cambridge. So Saturday night I told myself I'm going to try the rest week thing again.. this time no CBTT, hopefully no more moving.
At Jiminy, Embrocation was represented by James (who continues to impress with his ability to finish off a race.. wining the bunch sprint at Quabbin and just behind Matt White and Jeremy Powers at Jiminy) and Myself. Josh had signed up but with the remnant dregs of his bout with Mini Horse Flu he decided against racing. However, the next day we had four of us together to race at Wells ave. Jay had shown up on time for the earlier, combined A+B race, but the rest of us, James, Josh and I, came about 10 laps late. I think we added some excitement to the race when we jumped in. The four of us did lots of attacking and countering. My legs actually felt like they were working a little, so I tried for the mid-race prime but was eeked out by Roy VanCleef (NEBC) after trying to shake him off my wheel for most of the front straight. James and Jay went one, two for a two place prime, fun stuff. The final sprint we had Jay up the road with one other. I followed the Met-life lead out but couldn't come around their sprinter. Jay was absorbed during the sprint but the person he was away with stayed away. So I ended up third, with Roy again about a half a mm back for fourth.
What a difference a day makes, now I'm fighting the urge to go out and do hill repeats.