Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've received a mission * I can't tell you about it * it will, of course be completed at any cost.

I'm getting picked up in 2.5 hours to go to the airport. I've just gotten home after some gentle libations with a few friends. The bags are not packed and my list of things todo still has many unchecked items. But I've just raced a new Vespa scooter home down Rutheford Ave (and won mind you) and dodged a Chinatown crackhead or two. I did it on my old Indy Fab rebuilt on its inaugural run. With its not-so perfect chain that I made 'work' after breaking not one, but T W O chain tools. Its bar tape done in a flash so I could make it to the bar in time. Untested wheels. Untested gears. It felt great. The point is this : The flight will be made, the bags will be packed. Grab the midnight air. Take the time to celebrate, the send-off is so sweet and so necessary. Those good tidings start the trip on a positive note. 2 hours now.... time to get to work.

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