Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fight hangover with espresso

Was pouring through some older photos while highly caffeinated this morning...

Alex took my IF for a test ride. This proves the point that everyone needs at least one IF because it really does make you this happy.
I helped do some moving (as a cross training exercise obviously) but luckily these chairs loaded themselves. More to come on that.
Dog wonder in my face.
Trying to get formal fridays going at work. The shirt possesed amazing cooling abilities. Did 60 miles or so like this. Also notice the oft coveted Croth Jackson camera bag.
Speaking of style, look how cool James' shirt is! Kyle also looking very tight. These guys look good off the bike and..
on the bike. Kyle sporting his super rare purple smart auction kit. Has been mistaken as a secret prototype Embrocation kit more than once.
James riding the Embro colors on his IF. Rumour is his Gaulzetti is getting some spaceage new parts? Maybe you'll get to see it at an upcoming race.
Its a good thing there are fortune cookies to spell things out for you.

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