Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CX-Mas in June

Went riding out in the woods where I grew up this afternoon. First time riding out there in probably 10 years. Been walking izzi around out there a bunch, but there is much more to see out of walking range. So I left her home and went solo. She is a little too old now to keep up with me on the bike for more than 30 min or so.
Not much has changed since I was last out there. It was fun to let the bike just roll through the trails, deciding the route since I couldn't remember how to get where I wanted to go anyway. We made it every time.
Welcome to my woods.
This is way more swampy than it looks.
One of a couple wrecked old cars in the woods.
Almost looks like fall...
Secret Blue Heron nesting grounds.
Cross is sneaking up!


  1. Love the shot of the herons up there in their nests!

  2. Yeah man. Those herons keep it tight.

  3. no!! you gotta prolong your road season.