Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So many good things but not one good day.

GMSR 2010

Hostel Tevere
-Also a restaurant
-Also a bar
-The food was delicious
-Everything was homemade
-Beds were really nice
-Good vibes
-I owe so much money to the team because I ate so much
-4 nights was probably cheaper than 1 night at a regular hotel.

The days before
-Sick for 9 days or so
-Could not eat
-1 week to restore form before the race

The day before
-Travel to Vermont
-2 Muscle milks and a burrito
-Am I sick again?
-Spin on the TT course with my shitty legs
-Ride more? No thanks.
-Awesome Mac and Cheese at HT
-Beer and sleep

-Go for a fiery explosion
-Catch 30 second man in 30 seconds
-So much for having a rabbit
-Listen for Tim Mitchell coming up behind me (Started 1 min back)
-Go harder
-Tim never passes me
-Legs don't give out
-Time is ok...
-American Flatbread for dinner
-Dream of plane crashes, train crashes, boat crashes. Mostly on interstates.

Circuit Race
-TT worked well as an opener
-Actually feel good enough to race
-Make 'the' break with 2 to go
-So much wind
-3 riders
-Get caught by IAmTed King and JPow
-Go faster
-Can no longer pull through
-Do not let go of the wheel
-Last hill acceleration
-Red line and...
-Chase group passes immediately
-Try and solo in infront of peleton
-Caught and passed at 1k to go
-Lost time
-Cheese steak sandwich for dinner
-Not quite a burger, but it'll do
-Not enough sleep to dream

Road Race
-Early start
-Pop-Tart breakfast
-So cold
-Legs ache
-Not surprised
-Race starts on a climb
-Race is definitely 'on' for the climb
-Cory makes the break
-With break gone race turns to stop and go surges
-Feed zone is smooth sailing for once
-Middlebury splits the field
-Not in the front half of the split
-Work hard hard hard into the wind to get back
-Make it
-Cory has been picked up by front split
-Cross winds blow the field across the entire road
-Cory buries himself to keep me on in the cross wind
-Splits again on baby gap
-Again not in the front split
-Keep pedaling hard
-Form a good group going into App gap
-Good climb up App gap
-Not fast enough to catch any stragglers from front group
-500 meters to go shifting up through the gears
-Shift into wheel
-Break derailleur, hanger, spoke
-Wheel won't turn
-Walk then run to the finish
-Burger for dinner
-Also Mac and Cheese for dinner
-And cake

-Left the beloved Hostel Tevere
-Good long easy warm up
-Promising legs
-SRAM fixed up my bike good as new
-They are the best!
-Started fast
-Pace alternated between insane and bonkers
-New pavement was nice
-New paint in the rain was cause for worry
-Couldn't get to the front
-Finished same time
-Very happy to finish with the group