Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An excuse to be second

Its official! Charles Coaching will be sponsoring the NEBC-run Charlie Baker Time Trial this year.

From the NEBC-CBTT google group:
The SECOND fastest man and SECOND fastest woman in the series up to
the conclusion of the June 17th event will receive a wind tunnel
testing in the CCNS Performance Center Wind Tunnel. This date has
been chosen to give the "winners" an edge during Fitchburg's TT and
give them a chance to ride with any new position / equipment before

I worked with Aidan Charles last year, his professionalism and testing center was the best I've seen. I'm sure the new wind tunnel will not disappoint.

I've been doing the CBTT on and off since I moved to Boston. Its a well run event, but please check their site before going out as they have had trouble with the town of Concord in the past. Please follow their guidelines so we don't loose this great event!

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