Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello? Continental Calling..

They're at it again. The Rapha Continental is back in full swing since the begining of the month. It seems like they have gone for a slightly different approach with this year's Continental. Rather than an east and west coast team traveling weekends to regional routes, they have combined the coasts to tackle new territory. Riders will rotate through as they play a non-stop game of connect the dots with epic rides through the center of the country. Its the type of summer I think all cyclists dream about, riding unknown roads with a great group of friends, meandering across the country and probably getting in a little trouble here and there.

Captured in Rapha's timeless style we can follow along with the travels through their words, photos and videos. They will lay out the routes for us to see, so while we might not get 2 or 3 months off to go do all the rides there's a chance for a long weekend trip. Might be time to look up Uncle Bob in South Dakota living near the start of a 120 mile epic, of course since he's into tractor pulls and bull riding he'd never clue you in to the ride.

What makes this even more exciting for me is having friends out there in that journey. Take a look at the east coast riders section, there are four Embrocation team mates hiding out in there. The other east coasters, that I don't know as well, I got to meet during the Litchfield, CT ride last year. I drove the support van while Chris Millman worked his magic with the camera. I gained a lot of respect for those guys watching them crush dirt hills in the scorching heat, through thunderstorms and racing out the last miles in an attempt to beat the setting sun. Of course I would have given anything for the chance to swap places with them, but it was not to be... that time. There may be an opportunity in the future to ride with Rapha crew.. or maybe not. Secrets?

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  1. wait, so now you want to be a Rapha pretty boy??